What I'm Doing Now

Last Updated: 3rd October, 2023, from Essex, UK.

What is a "now" page?


I'm living in Essex, UK, just outside London. I moved house this summer, and am surrounded by trees and a river. It feels like home.


I've just launched my startup, Inclusive Jobs.

We’re on a mission to make workplaces more inclusive for everyone, by revolutionising the way companies hire and retain staff members. Our first project, Neuroinclusive Jobs, focuses on the 20% of the population who are neurodivergent - with conditions such as autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia and more. None of our brains are the same. But the way society works can make our differences harder to navigate, particularly when we’re at work.

You'll find most of my updates on my LinkedIn profile.


  1. Playing with new recipes and food ideas, mostly focused around soft foods and soups right now.
  2. Streamlining my technology setup and working on adding smart devices to my home in the most sensible and cohesive way.
  3. Getting back into writing again, starting with posts on this site.
  4. Spending some proper time walking and training my dog, Poppy, after too many days apart over the last few years.
A wet blue roan (black and white) cocker spaniel dog outside on the grass.
Poppy is now 6 and a half, and recently learnt the command for "down", which definitely took a little more brainpower for us both than you'd expect!


  1. Reading about stress, body-stored trauma and the advent of dialectical behaviour therapy.
  2. Completing my MSc in Psychology. My dissertation is due at the end of this year with a working title of Understanding adults with developmental coordination disorder (DCD)/dyspraxia’s experiences of and attitudes towards interpersonal touch: an interpretative phenomenological analysis.